Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Summer of Light

by W. Dale Cramer

published by Bethany House (2007)
400 pages

The freak accident was his fault. Sort of. Regardless, it costs construction worker, Mick Brannigan, his job. He’s got a family to raise—three children—and good construction jobs are rare. At the same time Mick’s wife, Layne, sees her career take off. With a special needs preschool child, he knows a parent should be home full-time. He’s the logical choice, of course, but what kind of man would he be if he’s not the family provider?

Mick accepts the responsibility—on a temporary basis—until he can find the job to equal his last. Until then he chooses to endure the awkward looks and the gossip and the guilt. What he learns about himself, his children, and his life might just have him rethink his opinion on the stay-at-home-Dad.

Dale Cramer has penned a story filled with rich, well-developed characters, using humor and pathos to connect with the reader. His descriptions are vivid, and easily transport you into the setting.

Dale Cramer is the winner of Christy Awards (for fiction) for his books Levi’s Will and Bad Ground. His first novel is Sutter’s Cross. All are highly recommended.

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