Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fossil Hunter

by John B. Olson

Published by Tyndale House Publishers (2008)
368 pages

Evolution or Intelligent-Design?

That’s the question on debate when a shepherd discovers a whale fossil in the Iraqi desert. Is it a new species or more proof of evolution?

Paleontologist, Katie James, daughter of a pastor, striving to prove she’s unbiased, races archrival, Nick Murad, to recover the ancient fossil. Instead, they discover a human jawbone that could prove to be a missing link in the evolutionary chain.

Along the way, Katie fights prejudice from the scientific and collegiate communities, eager to discredit her and her findings simply because of her Christian beliefs. Then Katie and Nick join forces against a new enemy. The Iraqi government, knowing the fossil could strengthen evolution’s voice, dreading the chaos resulting from such a conclusion, wants the fossil destroyed.

Once the remains are analyzed, will they prove Darwin’s theories, or will it point to the work of an intelligent creator?

Fossil Hunter is in an intelligent and complex novel that, read in conjunction with watching Ben Stein’s Expelled documentary, shines a light on some scientists and universities who resist the notion that the universe was created by an intelligent being, some going as far as black-balling anyone who would consider the theory.

Mystery and romance sweep the reader along with just enough science thrown in to educate, but not too much to bog you down with litanies of scientific facts.

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