Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daisy Chain

(Defiance Texas Trilogy)

by Mary E. DeMuth

Published by Zondervan (2009)
355 pages

A Hauntingly Honest Coming-of-Age Tale

When Jed Pepper’s best friend, Daisy Chance, ends up missing, Jed is convinced he’s to blame. An abusive father further beats in that message of guilt. In Jed’s search for Daisy, he finds much more than a lost friend.

Using poetic & visual prose, Mary DeMuth pens a heart-tugging novel of tragedy and redemption. The author proves once again that she has the courage to delve into taboo subjects, yet she embraces them with grace and wraps them in hope. Her characters are complex, some quirky, others evil. All are very authentic.

We truly feel Jed’s empathy and guilt as he searches for Daisy. We experience his fear and self-debasement when around his father. We root for him when he prays for courage to protect his mother and sister, Sissy. And we rejoice when he finds what he needs the most.

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