Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Writing Blogs to Love!

We all know that continuing education is a must for all authors, published or not. Thanks to the internet, much of that education is a keystroke away, but the blogosphere is replete with so many voices that it can be overwhelming. I’ve chosen to follow a small handful of blogs, each with a different emphasis. Just this year, two friends have created author-craft blogs that I’ve found immensely helpful. Hopefully, you’ll add them to your blog roll.

I met Stephanie Prichard and her co-author husband, Don, roughly six years ago at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference, but it was a year or two later at the same conference (while taking the Nangie class—Nancy Rue and Angela Hunt) that we became friends. We’ve since become critique partners, and, oh my, does she have hawk eyes! Commas don’t dare slip out of place while under her perusal. ;-)

I love Steph’s quick wit and her honesty (which is painful at times). She and her husband are also fantastic storytellers. I can’t wait for the world to read the novel they have woven together!

Steph has recently plunged into the world of blogging with her grammar blog, Grammar Yammer, where she daily teaches five-minute lessons. With this blog she’s provided a quick and easy way for all of us to improve our grammar. Check it out!

    Stephanie Prichard is the grammar queen for American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). Her editor chose her because her lessons are spiked with humor to entice the reluctant student to laugh and learn. She also writes a monthly, online humor article for The Christian Pulse.
     Her major in college was English/Lit, but the source of her passion for grammar comes from her youth, when life with her army officer dad exposed her to a fantastic array of cultures around the world. She learned five foreign languages, and although she sniffles over the sad fact that she can’t remember a word of them now, they served to broaden her base for understanding the English language.
     Steph’s goal for her blog is to prosper the writing community. What could be more basic to the art of wordsmithing than grammar? And, one might add, easier to push aside? Today’s publishing industry doesn’t coddle writers with poorly presented manuscripts. More than ever, authors need to be responsible for the quality of their work.  Good grammar is as necessary a tool as any for the skillful writer to acquire, use, and stay on top of.
     With this in mind, and knowing what it’s like to juggle a busy schedule, Steph designed Grammar Yammer to teach daily lessons in five minutes max. No fancy-dancy words like “genitive case” or “non-restrictive appositive noun,” either—just simple, sensible explanations, always with examples. At the end of each lesson is a teeny test to help ingrain the content. MWF feature grammar and punctuation, while TT spotlight writing skills. Thursdays from May 24 to October 4 will teach 20 Figures of Speech to help add sparkle to your writing.


I met Michelle Lim a few years back when our Minnesota chapter of ACFW was in its infancy. From the beginning, I was amazed at how rapidly she formed ideas. When planning, she’d be tossing out her 20th suggestion, while I was still formulating my first. The same goes for plotting--her mind sparks ideas at lighting speed. Since she began her blog, Thoughts on Plot, I’ve learned she is also an excellent teacher. I love how she weaves story into her education process. Her blog has quickly become one to watch. I highly recommend it.

     Thoughts on Plot is a blog that journeys with the writer, celebrating their ups and downs while learning more about the craft of writing. Each day includes a blog varying in topic from writing craft, professional tips, faith, and featured guest authors. Laugh, cry, and celebrate the writing journey with www.thoughtsonplot@wordpress.com.
     Michelle Lim is a Romantic Suspense writer with three complete manuscripts that have earned recognition in The Rattler Contest in 2012, the Genesis Contest in 2011, and the Frasier Contest in 2010. She is the Brainstorm/Huddle Coach at My Book Therapy and she serves as Vice President of MN N.I.C.E. (Novelists Inspiring Christian Excellence), a local chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers.
     Michelle's website: http://www.michellestreetmatter.com/


  1. Brenda, thank you so much for the honor of being featured on your blog!

    1. You're welcome, Michelle! I'm very glad to help promote your blog.

  2. Ditto the thanks here, Brenda! And it's nice to meet you, Michelle! I'm definitely adding your blog to my morning reads while I sip my get-up-and-go coffee. :)

  3. Hi Steph - You'll enjoy Michelle's blog. Both of yours are part of my morning routine.