Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Dead Don't Dance

(Awakening Series #1)

by Charles Martin

Published by Thomas Nelson (2004)
320 pages

Life is as it should be for Dylan and Maggie Styles. They’re content living on their farm, earning just enough to get by, and a baby is on the way.

Then their child is stillborn, and Maggie goes into a coma. At first Dylan maintains a constant vigil at her bedside, letting himself sink into despair. How can he go on when the one he loves is alive, but not living?

Charles Martin has a way with words that truly paints a beautiful picture. His prose shows light and dark, sun and shadow, as you would expect to see in quality photography or painting. His protagonists are imperfect and realistic. The supporting characters are uniquely drawn without being caricatures. Throughout his novels you see people witnessing with their lives, not their mouths. That witness often takes place in the most unlikely of settings.

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