Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not Your Typical Romance

by Becky Wade

This novel completely surprised me. When a novel is described as contemporary romance, I expect a nice, casual read, but this was so much more. I loved the unique prologue and epilogue (for those of you who skip prologues, don't! It even convinced my husband to read this book--which he enjoyed, by the way). The characters were quirky, but not over the top, and the prose was musical. Against the backdrop of redeeming an old  house, the message of redemption was demonstrated, not preached. I loved how real the characters were in this book as well. They were imperfect, messy, broken people any of us could identify with.

Debut author Becky Wade seems to have an innate understanding of the head/heart condition by seamlessly weaving head/heart issues together. You're a front-page witness to two people falling in love with their heads and their hearts. The reader can't help but be emotionally tugged into the story.

This is one of my favorite books this year. I look forward to reading more from Becky Wade.
Story Description: Burned out, Kate Donovan jumps at the chance to restore her grandmother's house in Redbud, Pennsylvania. But when she arrives, she becomes involved in a project she didn't expect. Handsome former hockey star and contractor Matt Jarreau is clearly wounded, hiding from people and God. Can Kate help him face his past---whether he likes it or not? 

by Dineen Miller

I know they say (just who are *they* anyway?) that a novel about a married couple can't be labeled romance, but I heartily disagree, and Dineen Miller proves otherwise in her debut novel.

Lexie Baltimore is a sculptor whose husband is an atheist. Her greatest dream is for him to share her faith. Throw in a grieving widower pastor who is the epitome of what she wants in a husband and you have the makings of an intriguing story. But, the author takes this novel much deeper than that.

Spiritual warfare is at the center of the conflict between Lexie, her husband, and the pastor. The author handles it skillfully and creates a page-turning, emotional story.
Story Description: Lexie Baltimore is in the supernatural battle of her life. In obedience to God's calling, Lexie uses her art and dreams to help others. But will she have enough courage to help herself when she becomes torn between her atheist husband and a godly man? A widower and a father, Pastor Nate Winslow is drowning in darkness. Will he resist his treacherous assignment to win Lexie's heart or give in to the attraction between them? As events unfold, Lexie becomes entangled in a twisted plot. Will she overcome the evil assailing her or yield to the dark side?


  1. Good reviews, Bren. Right on.

  2. Thank you for reviewing My Stubborn Heart here on your blog, Brenda. I'm honored and very thankful for your support.

    1. Becky, I'm very glad to support you & your book. :) It's one of my top reads all year. I love your writing style & your authentic characters, and I look forward to reading your sophomore work!