Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fiction for Fathers

Wondering what to get your dad for this coming Father's Day? Look no further than your local bookstore. For that fiction lover, you can find some terrific novels and/or series. These are some of my favorites.

by Steven James
(Revell and Signet Select)

I was hooked with James' first book in this series, The Pawn. Since then, I've impatiently awaited his next annual release. James has proven himself to be a skilled storyteller, one who garners interest across genre, age, and faith. This series is recommended for anyone who enjoys thrillers.

Opening Moves, a prequel, comes out in September.

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Major Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky's
Special Ops Series

I first learned of Major Jeff Struecker when I read The Road to Unafraid (another excellent book) that chronicled Struecker's road to faith, including his part in what is now known to as Black Hawk Down (book by Mark Bowden). Since then he has teamed up with veteran author Alton Gansky and together they've delivered a series of can't-put-down military ops novels. If you're interested in learning the perspective of a Christian in special ops, read this series.

The next book in the series, Hide and Seek, comes out in July.

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by Cliff Graham

This series follows the Mighty Men of Israel (see 2 Samuel 23 and 1 Corinthians 11). It's a fascinating take on the men who stood closest to King David. The war descriptions can be gruesome, but they fit the subject matter. War isn't pretty. The first two of five books, Day of War and Covenant of War, are available for purchase. A movie based on Day of War is currently in production.

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by Graham Garrison
(Kregel Publications)

Touching stories surrounding a dying war hero who chooses an unlikely candidate to deliver his eulogy. These stories will give you a greater appreciation of Independence Day as well. Beautifully written and appreciated by men and women alike.

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  1. Great choices, Bren. Hope the ladies will pay attention to these. Good gifts.

    1. Not only are they good choices for the guys, Nicole, I think they're great for us ladies too!

  2. Couldn't agree more. I always read them before passing them along to my husband. If they pass my test, they'll pass his.