Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Genesis Finalist!!!

Oh, I know this is old news already; it's so last Thursday! But I had a few more important things to do this past weekend than write a blog post. You see, besides going to see Snow White and the Huntsman (much better than I thought it would be!) with my family, I had to make revisions to my Genesis entry.

I received The Call  on Thursday, May 31at 12:02 (yes, I recorded the time), telling me my Contemporary Romance entry was a Finalist. The category that began with approximately 100 entries was now down to three. Needless to say I was ecstatically stunned. Still am, to be honest. (Read more about my Snoopy Dance <here>.)

I'm blessed and humbled to be included with such terrific authors. And I'm so very grateful to my brilliant critique partners (Lorna Seilstad, Shannon Vannatter, Jerri Ledford, and Stephanie Prichard) for providing their ever-honest critique of my work. Additional thanks goes to Steph Prichard for providing last-minute editing of my revised entry. My biggest thanks goes to my family for always supporting and believing in me. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I am blessed!

As for my Women's Fiction entry, I received the scores on Saturday and was immensely pleased with them. I don't doubt that I was very close to being a Finalist in that category as well. More affirmation that I'm where God wants me to be.

Today I'm going to celebrate, then it's time to get back to work.


Contemporary Romance
Brenda Anderson
Amy Matayo
Cindy Wilson
Contemporary Fiction
Michelle Massaro
Anne Prado
Chris Storm
Historical Fiction
Nancy Kimball
Kathleen L. Maher
Terri Wangard
Historical Romance
Karen Barnett
Brandy Vallance
Becca Witham
Rich Bullock
Christen Civiletto Morris
Matthew Sheehy
Romantic Suspense
Arlene Coulter
Kelli Hughett
Pat Trainum
Speculative Fiction
Caleb Jennings Breakey
Carla Laureano
Amanda G. Stevens
Women’s Fiction
Susan Hill
Rachel Moore
Erin Taylor Young
Young Adult
Kathleen Freeman
Teresa Lockhart
Rondi Olson


  1. AWESOME, Brenda! And huge congrats to the other finalists, too, that you've graciously shared here. Your hard work is paying off! And it will be so exciting seeing open doors for you in future:)

    1. Thank you, Laura, for always being an encourager! :) Bless you!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks again, Nicole! Like Laura above, you've been a marvelous encourager. Thank you!

  3. Tap, tap, tap, thumpity-thump. That's me, still Snoopy dancing!

    1. So that's what I was hearing above my dancing! :)