Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saying Goodbye ...

Prior to posting online, I'd written book recommendations for our church newsletter as a way to draw readers into our church library. When that newsletter was scaled back, so was my column.

It was time to move on to new adventures.

So, I began this blog some three years ago not to garner attention, but to make my book recommendations more readily available to church members.

The purpose of this blog has changed, so once again it's time to move on.

These past few months I've been working on updating my website (http://brendaandersonbooks.com/), one that includes a blog. Already my page views and visits are higher there than they are at Spire Reviews so changing over at this point, when my readership is low, is a no-brainer. I still plan on talking books on Tuesday, but it'll be at this address instead: http://brendaandersonbooks.com/blog/.

I won't be closing down Spire Reviews, but will be keeping it as an archival site rather than an active blog.

I wish to thank everyone who has visited Spire Reviews, those who have shared their time with an interview and/or commenting, and those who have faithfully followed me.

And I'm very grateful and thankful for all the friends I've made on this journey! I am truly blessed!



  1. Well goodness -- just when I was getting the hang of checking more blogs again. :-) Glad you'll be blogging elsewhere. I'll have to check out your website now. Love talking books with you, Brenda!

    1. Love talking books with you too, Kav!

      It made sense for me to move all my book talk to my website now while my readership is small. Already, I'm getting more hits over there than here. Thanks to you for passing on the info about FictionAddictionFix.blogspot.com. What a find that blog is!