Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Congrats Christy Winners & Carol Finalists!

I apologize for being late with my posting, but I do have a good reason: I've spent the past two days riding roller coasters with my family. Who has time to be on the web when you're having fun with family? Priorities, right?

But, naturally, in my absence, the Christian literary world hasn't been quiet as the 2012 Christy Award winners and the ACFW Carol finalists have been announced. I'm thrilled that two of my favorite books from last year (Words by Ginny Yttrup and The Queen by Steven James) took home Christy's. And in the Carols, three Minnesotans (Julie Klassen, Erica Vetsch, and Susan May Warren) are represented.

Congratulations to all!


  1. I participated in the Christy Awards via their live blog. Fun way to spend a hot evening. No rollercoaster riding for me I'm afraid. Merry-Go-Rounds are more my speed, I think.

    Oh -- and if you have a chance go take a gander at the keynote speaker at the Christy's. What a totally inspiring take on Christian publishing. It gave me goosebumps. Right now they just have the live blog replay up -- but even that's worth reading because they gave an excellent play-by-play of the speech. However they have a link to the 2011 keynote speaker so I'm assuming they'll eventually put one up for 2012. I'm aching to hear it 'in person'. :-)

    1. Kav - I need something a bit faster & higher than merry-go-rounds. ;-)

      Thanks for the heads-up on Allen Arnold's keynote address. I peeked at the live-blog--it's definitely something I'll want to spend more time on.

      Here's the link: