Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cartoon Encouragement

All too often failures seem more abundant than successes, especially for those of us attempting writing careers. It's important to have that little pick-me-up, something to remind us that failure is a teacher--something to tell us to keep pressing on.

Disney's MEET THE ROBINSONS is one of my favorite encouragers during those times. Here's a fun clip that summarizes the movie's purpose, reminding all of us failures to Keep Moving Forward.


  1. Cute clip, Bren.

    This is so wrong, I'm sure, but with writing one of the things I use to console myself is the fact that sometimes what I consider "failures" have gotten published. I know: bad attitude. ;)

    1. I wouldn't say that's a bad attitude, Nicole. I think it's rather wonderful to know that God uses everything--successes and failures.

      Who would have figured that I'd write a romance? After typing The End, I thought is was so awful I wanted to scrap it. Thanks to my critique partner Shannon Vannatter for convincing me otherwise. And now that romance is a Finalist in the Genesis contest! Something I looked at as failure may be the very thing to open doors for me. :D