Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Novel Anticipation - February 2012

Are the winter months dragging on for you? If you live in a colder weather climate as I do, then a good book is the perfect antidote for those winter blues. It just so happens that a number of intriguing books are coming out in February, books for every taste. There are several I'm excited about; as usual, it's a fairly diverse grouping. One is legal fiction, two are speculative, two are contemporary, and one is Biblical.

Now, if you're looking for romantic reads to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day, I'm afraid I can't help you there, but stop by Kav's Best Reads blog. I guarantee she won't disappoint you.

COVENANT OF WAR (Lion of War Series #2)

The year is 993 BC. After years of bloody civil war, Eleazar son of Dodai, one of King David's most elite warriors, wants nothing more than to finally live peacefully in the land.

But on the plains near the Great Sea, a terrifying army of Philistines has mobilized to crush the Hebrew tribes once and for all. In the sun-drenched valleys and dark forests of the hill country, Eleazar and his warriors make their stand against Israel's deadliest enemy. The fate of an entire nation rests on the courage of a small band of heroes known as the Mighty Men. In a land torn by conflict, depleted by drought and threatened by treachery, the horrors and heroism of the ancient battlefields come to life.

ENEMIES OF THE CROSS (Coming Evil Trilogy Series #2)

Consumed by guilt for abandoning his brother Dras when he needed him most, Pastor Jeff Weldon fights to expose Greensboro's secrets. Meanwhile, the Strange Man grows closer to claiming Rosalyn for his own evil designs. Who will win the battle between those who hold to the light and those who lose themselves in darkness?

Gas station attendant Marny Toogood is on the run with two kids he just met! Begging Marny to help them, Esther and William Rose are fleeing their "insane" uncle who insists on protecting William, a faith-filled boy with supernatural powers. Can Marny save the children from the would-be kidnapper---and their estranged father who leads a nightmarish cult?

HEART ECHOES (Side Road Series #3)

In the aftermath of a massive Los Angeles earthquake, the perfect existence Teal Morgan-Adams has built begins to crumble. Teal's daughter, Maiya, is determined to learn the identity of her biological father, despite the loving devotion of her stepdad, River Adams. But that's a secret Teal hoped would remain buried forever. She has never shared the truth with anyone . . . not her family, not River, not even Maiya's father.

Jamie Brock, assistant DA does not believe in plea bargains...for anyone! She's never plea bargained a case and scoffs at the attorneys who do. However, when a powerful defense attorney is indicted for murder and turns the entire justice system upside down, including letting felons walk on technicalities; he must be stopped...but at what cost?

Jenna Bouvier and Andee Bell are at a crossroads. Jenna is in danger of losing her family and her wealth when her mother-in-law accuses her of having an affair. Andee has what she wants---fame, fortune, and Jenna's brother---but she's haunted by a dark secret. Will they follow familiar paths, or risk walking in faith?

What February releases are you looking forward to reading?


  1. As you know, Bren, I've read and reviewed Frantic which releases February 7th. Good book and a bit different for Mike. The last three look interesting.

  2. Nicole, I've enjoyed all of Mike Dellosso's books so far, so I'm certain this will be no different. We'll have to compare notes once I've read it.

  3. Brenda, A discerning reading friend from Texas just emailed to ask my for book reccs so I came over to your blog ASAP:) You really do have a wonderful book ministry here, you know. I was able to tell her about Charles Martin and am going to add a few more to her list and mine. Bless you so much and happy reading, my faithful friend!!

    1. Wow, you humble me, Laura, and convince me that this little blog is worth the effort.

      I love finding novels that take storytelling up a few notches, regardless of genre. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than telling others about those books and authors.


  4. On Friday I realized I omitted a book that's top on my list for February releases: KILL SHOT by Vince Flynn (http://vinceflynn.com). No, this is not a book I'd recommend for your church library (his language can be raw, and his novels are violent by nature). Still, I've noticed that Flynn has gathered quite the following from Christians. So if you're looking for a high octane story, one that is really about good vs. evil, check out Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series. (Warning: They can be addicting!)

    For a unique radio interview with the author, check out this link: http://www.1500espn.com/ondemand/. Go to Friday, February 3 & scroll down to Garage Logic, hour 1. Flynn is a local author who always gives his first interview (for a new release) to his friends on Garage Logic. You'll hear the personal side of the author here. It's an hour long interview, but it's well worth your time.