Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The End of the Debut Novels Page

Over this past year I've really enjoyed maintaining the Debut Novels page on Spire Reviews. I met so many wonderful authors, and I loved hearing about each of their journeys, all of which were inspiring.

One thing that truly amazed me was the high number of inspirational authors/novels debuting in a single year. I listed 54 on this page and I know I missed some. I've read several of the books, and many more sit in my to-be-read file on my Kindle. Two of these novels were awarded Favorite status from me (Words by Ginny Yttrup and The Resurrection by Mike Duran)--not an easy achievement for any book, as I'm very picky, let alone a novel written by a debut author.

I wish to thank all the authors who gave time and shared a piece of their heart with Spire Reviews. I loved getting to know you. Your Publication Journeys compel me to persevere. It was a privilege working with you!

That being said, I have decided not to continue the Debut Novel page into 2012. The research, while rewarding, can be very time-consuming and, at times, frustrating, so I've decided my time is better spent writing.

That does not mean the end of Spire Reviews, though. I plan on posting regularly, likely Tuesday of every week, so I'd love it if you would stop by and visit. I love talking books, especially those that stand above the rest.

I'm even open for suggestions if you've read a novel from a Christian worldview that you believe needs to be highlighted. It does not have to be published for the CBA market. City of Tranquil Light by Bo Caldwell, the recent winner of an INSPY, is an excellent example. Send me your suggestions and, if I also find the book to be exceptional, I'll spotlight it.

I look forward to our future conversations.



  1. Thanks for that series, Bren. You did a great job of collecting all the debut authors. I know it wasn't always easy.

    Tell me why you liked City of Tranquil Light and why you think I might like it without telling me too much - you know how I am. ;)

    (Will probably finish Nick of Time today.)

  2. You're welcome, Nicole. I did enjoy doing it, but one year was enough. I'll pass the torch to someone else.

    As for City of Tranquil Light, it perfectly melded the three elements I look for in a novel: beautiful prose, intriguing story, & complex characters. The setting was also vibrant. The characters' lives & the story's events seemed so real. I truly cared about the people in the book.

    The story was about (2) missionaries, and their faith was amazing, but it was not at all preachy because their faith was organic. It flowed from who they were rather than being tacked on. I could see anyone reading this novel.

  3. Thanks, Bren. I'll consider it. Great recommendation.