Friday, August 6, 2010

What Would You Change in Christian Fiction?

Here's another intriguing discussion regarding the future of Christian fiction, initiated by Nicole Petrino-Salter on her Into the Fire blog:

It's refreshing to see and hear people dialogue honestly about this important topic.


  1. Hello Brenda!

    This is an excellent question! I think, just because of my recent readings and research, one of the things I would change would be more Christian fiction that is a positive resource for children and teens. This has come into my mind recently after being introduced to "Ben's Big Bang Botheration" by David Millette. It's the first of a series called Today in Science Class written by this Christian educator. It IS entertaining, but it's also a valuable resource that addresses (for kids and parents alike) what to do when teachings at school contradict one's spiritual beliefs. I would like to see more books like this in the genre - a wonderful read tempered with practical, insightful wisdom.

  2. Hi Molly,

    As a mother of teens, I definitely agree with you. My kids love to read & they have to wade through so much sludge in the general market to find something positive & there's a lack of variety in the Christian market.

    I'll have to look into the series by Millette. It sounds interesting.

  3. LOL I'm really late to the party -- by nearly a month, but I wanted you to know I really liked that link and the things some writers would change. I especially liked the editor's suggestions for Christian bookstores. I have a wonderful store in my town -- three floors of music, gifts and books. The selection is there but they don't seem to have many readers among their staff who can help with recommendations. I usually end up helping other customers when I'm there! LOL. I think I'd like to find a prime spot in another town and open a Christian bookstore and have fun promoting my fave authors!!!!! Wouldn't that be a blast?

  4. Kav - Glad you enjoyed that link. Nicole has an awesome blog that I read regularly. She continuously challenges me to think.

    Opening my own store is a lifelong dream. I love recommending books to readers as I'm browsing through the shelves. Too bad we don't live closer to each other. We could start our shop together. :)