Monday, July 26, 2010

The Future of Christian Fiction

Thanks to a post by Mike Duran (Eric Wilson's Open Letter to Readers, Writers, and Publishers of Christian Fiction) at Novel Journey, I discovered this thought-provoking piece written by Eric Wilson, "Is it Time for Christian Fiction to Die?" As someone who continuously searches for Christian fiction that dares to get messy, I found many of Wilson's observations all too true. I'm not seeking the end of Christian fiction, but I do hope that it opens its doors to authors who dare to challenge readers and not just offer escape.


  1. Brenda,
    I like your new look! And your post is so refreshing. I wrote a diatribe here yesterday that I accidentally deleted but then decided to just let Eric Wilson say it best:) Wow - you've written 3 novels. That says a lot about you. Bless you in all you do (it's a lot!).

  2. Laura, you sound like me. I've learned to copy my comments before hitting send. So many of my brilliant words have disappeared into cyberspace. :)

    You're right, Eric Wilson does say it best. I had my own diatribe written in my head, but I figured I'd leave it to him.

    As for my books, you've just reminded me I need to update my info. I've actually typed The End on (4) books now. Maybe, someday, I'll get the right person to look at them. I just keep reminding myself, I write for an Audience of One and it's His opinion that matters.

    I appreciate your encouragement, Laura. I can not wait till I meet you in Indy.

  3. I hadn't read Eric Wilson's post . . . giving me much to think about as I write "The End" on my first novel. Hhhhmmm.

  4. Hi Beth, I agree. Eric's post does make us think, which I very much appreciate.

    And congrats on typing "The End." That is such a huge accomplishment. Hope you did a little something to celebrate. :)