Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Frontiersman's Daughter

debut novel by Laura Frantz

published by Revell (2009)
416 pages
Feisty, independent Lael Click, the daughter of a heralded Kentucky frontiersman, comes of age during the American Revolution. We see her grow up on the frontier with a family who has many secrets including a father who spent two years in captivity with the Shawnee Indians. Her heart is torn as she’s denied betrothal to the young man she loves, then her heart’s conflicted over a forbidden attraction to one of the very Indians who held her father captive. In the end, Lael grows into a strong, independent woman who eventually learns what real love truly is.


I typically don’t read historical fiction. I much prefer literary works, complex suspense, or modern issue novels. So, when I picked up The Frontiersman’s Daughter, I was expecting a casual read, a nice story.

I was wrong.

Right off, Laura Frantz drew me into the story with symphonic prose. I love it when authors make their words sing. Her descriptive period and landscape settings add depth to the characters. Plus, she doesn’t shy away from Kentucky settler/Native American hostilities while offering insight to both sides.

One thing I generally haven’t cared for in historical fiction is when authors treat their female protagonist like they’re the incarnation of Gloria Steinem, when they deal with issues using current day sensibilities. Nothing will ruin a story for me faster than that. Laura Frantz avoids that trap. While Lael is a strong character, her thoughts and actions are believable for that time period.

This summer, Frantz will be releasing her next novel, Courting Morrow Little. I look forward to reading more from this talented author.

Introducing Laura Frantz:
Laura Frantz credits her grandmother as being the catalyst for her fascination with Kentucky history. Frantz's family followed Daniel Boone into Kentucky in the late 18th-century and settled in Madison County where they still reside. Frantz is a member of the Kentucky Historical Society, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Romance Writers of America. She currently lives in the misty woods of northwest Washington with her husband and two sons.

Her Books:
The Frontiersman's Daughter, Baker/Revell, 2009
Courting Morrow Little, Baker/Revell, 2010
The Colonel's Lady, Baker/Revell 2011

To Learn More:
Website: http://laurafrantz.net/
Blog: http://laurafrantz.blogspot.com/


  1. Brenda, Again, I can't thank you enough for hosting me here. I found myself lingering on your "highly recomended reading" list and am adding a few to my own. I had the privilege of being at a retreat with Bette Nordberg recently and she is as terrific a speaker as she is an author. Bless you for your encouragement and support. Praying 2010 is a stellar year for you in every way!

  2. Laura,
    I'm very glad to highlight you and your book. It's always so much fun finding new authors to endorse & befriend.
    I hope you find some new books you like from my reading list. It's rather eclectic, but that's part of what makes reading so much fun.
    I can't wait to read your next book. How thrilling that must be for you.
    Praying God will bless your New Year.