Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Snow Melts in Spring

(Book #1 - Season of the Tallgrass Series)

Debut novel by Deborah Vogts

Zondervan 2009
304 pages

A Romance Even Men Would Read

Veterinarian Mattie Evans loves the wide open spaces of Flint Hills, Kansas and can't imagine calling any other place home. But her business is faltering, and in order to keep it, she must regain the trust of area ranchers. After suffering through several mishaps, she's not confident she can earn their support.

Then she gets called to save a severely injured horse and is thrust into the middle of a good friend's family conflict--between an estranged father and his pro-football playing son.

Will this be the end of her career or the beginning of an unexpected romance?

In Deborah Vogt's debut novel, she proves herself to be a marvelous storyteller. In painting this story of forgiveness, she colors the Kansas prairies and ranch with beautiful detail. In combining romance and football, she has created a story that both men and women will enjoy.

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