Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Flat Stanley Excursion to the 2011 ACFW Conference

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the 2011 ACFW Conference this year, but that doesn't prevent a creative person from being there. :)

Last week, trying to be funny, I sent my Inkspirational Messages blog friends a Flat Stanley version of myself so they could bring me along. (I know, the dress color is really hideous, but it's the best I could do on short notice.)

And they did just that. (You can read about my experiences on Lorna Seilstad's Inkspirational Messages post from yesterday, Bobble-Head Brenda at ACFW.) Sounds like I had an amazingly fun & educational time. I've been truly blessed with amazing friends!

Next year, I hope to leave the Flat Stanley version of myself at home and experience the conference in person--and not wearing yellow.

ACFW Genesis Contest Winners

ACFW Carol Award Winners


  1. Beam you up, Brenda. ;)

    I've read one of the Carol Award winners (Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes) which was well worth my time. Loved it. However, the only other one that even remotely attracted me, but I passed anyway, was Predator. What does that say about me or the Awards I wonder?

  2. See, I'm with you, Nicole. The only winner I read was Crossing Oceans & the others didn't interest me. I wonder what that says about us? :)

  3. LOL. What a great idea, Brenda. My hubby and I were responsible for my nephew's Flat Stanley for a few days. Brought back memories.

  4. Dora, I was just tickled that my blog friends had so much fun with it. It took the bite off of staying home this year, but it made me really want to go next year, if only to see the friends I see so seldom.

  5. I love your Flat Stanley story, Brenda! How FUN!!! Crossing Oceans is the only Carol Award title I've read, too. Gina Holmes did a fabulous job. I look forward to checking out more of those titles soon. And I hope we get to meet at ACFW next year!

  6. Diana - Thanks for stopping by today. I hope to see you Dallas next year too. It was hard sitting at home this year while everyone was off learning & having fun.

    I loved Gina's sophomore novel Dry as Rain just as much, if not more than Crossing Oceans. She's such a gifted author.