Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Passion of Mary-Margaret

by Lisa Samson

Published by Thomas Nelson (2009)
320 pages
A Story of How God Pursues and Loves the Unlovely

All her life Mary-Margaret has desired only one thing: to serve the God she loves and dedicate her life to Him as a religious sister. But when Jesus tells her to do the unthinkable and marry the town’s promiscuous prodigal, can she serve God with her obedience and risk her own life in the process?

Lisa Samson has painted a story that shows how God pursues and loves the unlovely by coloring out-of-the-lines with dark and dirty hues, mingling the darkness with light and splendor, crafting a final picture of exquisite beauty. Her characters are fresh, quirky and multi-faceted, and her flowing, vivid prose enhances this masterpiece.

This is Lisa Samson’s best work yet.


  1. This made my All-Time Favorites List. I loved this book. My first read of Lisa Samson's and she hit it out of the park. A profound novel.

  2. It's on my all-time favorite list too. Lisa Samson is an extraordinary talent -- definitely a change from your typical CBA novelist.